What’s new in MoneyWiz 3?




  • Waldemar Helm

    Hi Iliya,

    great work so far. Thank you! I'm really looking forward for background sync and configurable transaction swipe left/right actions. This is something I wished myself for a very long time. 

    But I'm missing one feature on the "Coming soon" list: What's about improved budget management and true envelope budgeting? This is something you promised several time, first for MoneyWiz 2, then for version 3, but now I can not find it on this list. The same goes for goals feature. This was promised for version 3 too. :( Can you and the team please rethink your roadmap and give improved budgets much more priority? This is really needed and budgets are in my opinion the most important feature of MoneyWiz. MoneyWiz should make it easy manage my budgets so that my finances are in control. 




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  • Mikey Burnsey

    I am disappointed with the new MoneyWiz as one of the features is not working, I like to know what my balance  is in say 3 months time, but the new version is not capable it just runs the starting balance in every line 

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