Split transactions




  • Pedro Miguel de Andrade Quental Mendes

    Is it possible to split a transaction so that it can consist of an income and a refund of an expense? The situation I have in hands is this: my tenant transferred to my bank account the sum of the rent (my income) and the water bill (I want to classify it as an expense refund). I had already previously paid the water bill directly to the supplier (classified as an expense).

  • Pawel

    Hello Pedro! Apologies, in this case, you'd need 2 separate transactions. You could modify the income received and lower the amount by the water bill and then enter a refund for the water bill separately.

  • Pedro Miguel de Andrade Quental Mendes

    As mine is an online banking account, I wouldn't like to add transactions to it.

  • Pawel

    Hi again,


    I'm afraid that there is currently no other way.

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