Managing Categories




  • Manish Hira

    Why is it two years after I asked for this feature, that a sort button is not available for categories (and sub categories) so that everything can be ordered alphabetically. It's not rocket science chaps??

  • Manish Hira

    A nice feature to have (which MSMoney has) is to see all transactions associated to a category/sub category so that you can quickly decide how you may want to merge / delete them especially as with Syncbits, transactions get categorized automatically sometimes. Right now, I am trying to consolidate / clean up the categories / sub categories to see which transactions are in there, and the only way to do it - it to do a report first and then use that as a basis. Quite frustrating. Would appreciate if you guys can consider this too.

  • Pawel

    Hello Manish,


    Thank you for your input. Please note that while we value all feedback we receive and we discuss each request internally, we cannot guarantee all suggestions to be introduced into MoneyWiz as we also have to look at other factors surrounding each request. Nevertheless, I've noted your +1 on this feature, thank you!


    I've noted your second request as well, thank you!

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