How to adjust account balance?




  • Kaitang Song

    I find this feature confusing...I opened an account today, input balance (as it is today), then when I tried to login transactions from before, it affected the balance. Then when I updated the balance so it matches with the current balance, I realized the app recorded it as an income. 

    I can see the developer's logic here: If you stated the opening balance, then any transaction related to that account should affect the balance. However, could you please develop a feature that allows the users to manually log in their balance with date and time instead of automatically overwrite it? Or at least give us that option?

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  • Daniel Alonso

    For some misterious reason the app start my Credit Card account with some negative balance that is nowhere in the credit card statement. My only option is to input a manual transaction with the credit to zero de balance (as it should be)

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